Lux Manifesto

by N.Tesla

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N.Tesla is an electrifying Post-Metal band. OK, sorry for the bad joke there. But joking aside N.Tesla is a Russian Post-Metal band who have just released their stunning debut album – Lux Manifesto, which blends elements of ambient vibes, post-hardcore and crushing sludge metal riffs for one pulsating ride. This is not your most straight-forward Post-Metal album as N.Tesla don't play by the rules. They add a strangely hypnotic feel to their music. It's very different to the likes of Isis, The Ocean and Neurosis and that is a very good thing indeed. As the band develop their own sound over the album's 34 minute running time. Tracks such as North, Spring, Aurora and Lux Manifesto – show you the full passion and creativity of this epic band as the have delivered some truly emotional and haunting post-metal riffs. Vocalist – Dima – shows his full vocal range from the very first second at this dude can sing. His shrieks are very powerful indeed which gives N.Tesla music a dangerous vibe. N.Tesla add a wide range of electronic based samples which really adds to the atmosphere especially on Lux Manifesto with the band adding strange guitar noises and riffs in return. Yeah I think this is a great album indeed as it has the courage to be different compared to other Post-Metal albums. Determination Of Giants is another standout track from the album as it has some lush progressive jazz like vibes lurking amongst the Post-Metal carnage. Something that wouldn’t be a miss from an Opeth album not a Post-Metal album. But it shows you what a talented bunch of musicians this band actually is. All in all Lux Manifesto is an excellently produced album from start to finish. It shows another quality band coming from the Russian Sludge/Post-Metal scene. N.Tesla may put a few people off with their style of music but if you want something different and original within the Post-Metal scene than Lux Manifesto speaks loud volumes. You can buy Lux Manifesto on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Brilliant and Highly Recommended. by


released February 20, 2014

Thnx & Respect: - "Open Sound" (drums recording) - - "Triblade Studio" (guitars recording, mixing, mastering) ; - Michael Golosov (creativity); - Alex Kuzmin (khomus, session bass player); - Valery Lyakhin (djembe); - Evgeny Severin & "LOST MEMORIES RECORDS" (professionalism and our new harbour) - ; - Oleg Dynya (for you are); - Masha Zhyvyh (art); - Comrades from Kailess, FVW, UPOROLLER, NOYE, Kutkh, Escadre, SWALE, Cryostatic Dream and everyone who doesn't give up!



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N.Tesla Oryol, Russian Federation

Exclamation mark! Suspension points…
In 2008, the first (but not the final) line-up of this space circus had emerged in the town of Rostok, Germany. The project remained idle for a couple of years. Finally, in 2011 the fans of condensedmilk-like oozing music met each other in the town of Oryol, Russia to share it from heart to heart and fill the collective consciousness. ... more

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Track Name: North. Spring. Aurora
The North is my breath
Three suns are always with me
Long distance calls me
I could come the first
But I will be the last
It's getting warmer
Steam goes out of my mouth
I should sleep three days, three nights
My eyes are like the frozen planets
Inside burns a flame
You are the first who knows my North
Has come to end
You, the first who lives
In the spring tent
Between the spring and me is only North
Track Name: Lux Manifesto
Where do we go?
To the light of high lamps
Those people, fallen from the roofs
Lay motionlessly
Laughing, but sobbing inside
Run to the edge
We will be afraid inside
And I am afraid
Not to be afraid of death
Someone's calling out of the window
"Come home!"
I stumble....
I break the bones of disappointed
Light is dimming in the sky
I need the Light!
Track Name: Determination Of Giants
Proud, brave are centuries under piles of stones
Their hearts speak thousands of years
When you say something
They feel you're lonely, you're confused
Ripped out of the roots
Out of the ground
Sirens wait in line
They sing to your ancestors
And the prediction
Will come true
They'll spin the sun
And lend the hand to fallen
I promised you
When I was flying above the ocean
I'll back in the spring with the first sign
In the arms of a giant
Track Name: Characters Drawn In Taupe
Keep your heart quiet
The ocean of life is between the beats
The lies are among the dreams
Rip out the constant ignorance
Millions of stars separate you from your home
Your home is harmony
You are a friend to everyone
And the host of nothing
The morning will succeed the night
The universe will replace calousness
You are a passenger
Of the silent train
The part of this puzzle was lost
No matter who you are
Your number's not the last
Track Name: Megalodon
Ice-cold hours on the water
There's not enough heat for us
To show how deep we are under the ground
Day one. We were fed by the hatred to our brothers
The world won't become better when I lay on the shore suffocating
Day one. The anger did not become stronger
We were hunting alone but were afraid to be left alone
We have not become stronger
Track Name: Here Speak Only The Birds
Give them all that you believe
Your way is infinite and blessed
Just take my hand and let's go there
Where the purple fog is born
The words don't need to be
Here speak only birds
Turn back,
Plains are shed by the light
Emptiness is filled with the sun
You worth our hearts
You're everywhere, so far away
Our desire has dried out
Hands felt on the knees
But you're not afraid to leave these plains
You're their purple hope
Fragile like the glass, the snow
Is falling slowly
Fog is already at the eyes
It's time to sleep
This fog is for us